Web Design Strategy that Made Netflix Millions

Adarsh gupta
3 min readMar 5, 2024


Did you know that Netflix employed a cunning web design strategy to deceive users and rake in millions of dollars?

The Ad-Supported Subscription Debacle

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Last year, when Netflix introduced their ad-supported subscription, the conversion rate was shockingly low, with less than 9% of people signing up for it.

This dismal outcome stemmed from a subtle yet impactful mistake: Netflix had previously offered three straightforward subscription plans. However, with the introduction of a fourth plan, they inadvertently divided the options into two distinct groups: one appearing expensive, and the other seemingly cheap.

The Psychology of Pricing

Human psychology places more emphasis on price than on value, leading to a drastic decrease in sign-ups for higher-priced plans.


Consider this scenario: What if Netflix had added an even more expensive plan? Users might have been deterred by the high cost, as observed in Netflix’s strategic implementation of their pricing tiers.

Hiding in Plain Sight

Netflix’s ingenious solution was to ‘hide’ one of their most popular packages. The result was staggering — sign-ups for their ad-supported tier doubled. Who would have thought that a simple CSS property like ‘display: none’ could yield such financial success?

By adding a discreet button to reveal the hidden tier, Netflix subtly conveyed the message: “Don’t click it,” amplifying the allure of the undisclosed option.

A Common Tactic in the Tech World

This strategy is not exclusive to Netflix; it’s a tactic employed by numerous companies, including tech giant Apple.

The Pricing Tier Manipulation

The three-tier pricing model facilitates user manipulation: individuals often opt for the cheaper option, but the slightly higher-priced tier appears more enticing, prompting users to upgrade.

This cleverly crafted pricing structure lures users into spending more than they initially intended.

The Power of Frontend Development

Frontend development plays a pivotal role in executing such strategies. With just CSS flexbox, developers can wield immense power, capable of either building or destroying a product’s success.

Frontend development transcends mere technical proficiency; it requires an understanding of human psychology. A simple loader animation conveys the impression of diligent work in progress, enhancing the user experience.

Hiring a Frontend Developer: A Dual Role

When hiring a frontend developer, one is not merely hiring a coding expert but also a psychologist who analyse a users thought process

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