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Rule no 1: Content is the KING

What is SEO🤔?

Search-Engine-Optimization is the process of improving the Quality and Quantity of the audience to your excellent website. It helps us to rank better on Google for free. Ranking high in Google is worth Millions of dollars.

How to be better at SEO?

As I previously stated, information is king, and you need dynamic content to keep users on your website and learn everything they need to know.

You don’t have to be an SEO specialist or expert to understand how to do SEO on your own. The first step is to persuade yourself that SEO is not difficult. You can do it if others can. All it takes is the willingness to learn and time.

What’s next?

Now you need to render your HTML so that, Google Crawlers to understand it better. So how can we make our HTML Better?

1. Use Semantic HTML

Using specific tags like <article>,<section>,<header> are way better than using <div> which are semantical i.e it gives a meaningful understanding about the section or part.

2. Alt Attribute

Use the “alt” attribute to images If there is some text that describes what the image is, it will help search engines to understand the image more quickly. It will also help people who are differently-abled (Screen Readers).

<img src="link or location" alt="Some meaning full Text">

3. HTML Head Tag

Now we can go to the <head> of the document. The Head contains all kinds of helpful metadata for SEO.

Title: Choose your title carefully as it will be displayed on the search engine ranking page, the Click-through rate is proportional to the title

4. Meta tags for description

Since the title is less descriptive, using the meta tags gives more meaningful information.

 <meta name = “description” > 

Use them for adding additional short information Try to add keywords to improve your reach.

5. Meta tags for keywords

<meta name=”keywords” content=”HTML, CSS, JavaScript”>

This way if people search any of the terms there are more possibilities for showing your website.

6. Meta tags for popping up images

Apart from SEO, when you share a link to your website if it has a better image/logo, who will resist clicking it? use the following snippet for achieving this.

<meta name=”image” content=”imageurl”> 

You can check out all other available meta tags from MDN docs.

7. Use appropriate heading element

Using heading tags (h1 to h6 ) can help the crawlers to determine the sections or parts of the website.

<H1> Main Section heading
<H2> Heading inside H1
<H3> Heading inside H2

Wrapping it up!

Thanks for reaching this far, you are a fantastic reader!

SEO is one of the important aspects of the website and don't ignore it. Take your time for learning SEO.

Thanks again & happy learning!



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