My programming journey so far…

Adarsh gupta
1 min readFeb 18, 2021

I was that kind of person who started to learn code just by having one motive to make money because I wanted to support my Family…

First I thought I should learn python because it is most popular language nowadays but being the most popular language it was so difficult to find job.

I later jumped to javascript I felt comfortable with it .Iam not a master @ anything I just know how stuffs work. Google was my bestfriend .

I learned REACT JS EXPRESS JS .I dont have much creative graphical skill so I thought backend should be the place where I can show off.

I later thought of doing freelancing .I registered on upwork and working with it for more than 2 month I only earned 10 dollar. Iam waiting for that moment in my life which will be a turning point for my life .

Photo by Tracy Adams on Unsplash

The most difficult thing during learning coding was managing my college.

I know college doesnt actually provides skills but Iam from a typical Indian family who thinks college grades decides your future..

My Kind advice is that dont depend on college develop softskills and get paid



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