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A Great Indian 20-year-old story

I forgot to comb my hair ;)

I’m just like the other 99% of developers who are not in the top 1%. Maybe because I’m too young (20 y/o) or because I’m too lazy.

I strongly believe that right now I’m not a 10X developer who can do almost everything, and I always want to be a 10X developer.

Are you like me?

You have skills like web development and app development and feels like you are not doing your full potential. Welcome to the Club.

Don’t worry, you don't need to be top 1% to bring food to your table. Just be an average developer(not limited to) and start making money to buy your next iPhone :)

Tech is Money

Do you think a recession(likely in 2 years) will wipe out everything? I strongly believe a recession will happen, but you can still be stable if you are in tech.

The world is powered by the internet and applications running on the internet, without these “techies”, everything will fall apart, and no country wants that.

They might get fired if your company is not stable or not putting value. But do you think tech giants like Amazon, Netflix, and Google will collapse? No!

They are literally making human life as simple as possible, and these companies will survive the coldest winter. Even the big MNCs in India will still hold, they may fire some folks, and that can be you because you are an average developer like me.

Some financial gurus say that you should have multiple sources of income, and they are right. Your employers don’t care about you as a human, they only care about the value you provide.

How to make atleast ₹1,00,000/month ($1000+) as a developer ?

First things first, be good at googling or at ChatGPT. Everything else is a piece of cake.

Start writing content

Content is the king of the 21st century, it can be text, videos, audio podcasts, and more. You just need to be a tech influencer who shares, blah blah blah. I’m kidding.

I started creating content out of curiosity about getting these likes and shares and now I feel numbers are just numbers and nobody except you cares about it.

I started creating content on Twitter, and believe me, for some people, it is a money-making machine. for some other folks, it can bring a considerable amount of money from Twitter, and for the rest, they are fighting with strangers online.

I make money from Twitter via branded collaboration and have collectively made around $600+ (₹45000) in one year, which considering I’m living in India, is a huge amount for me.

Imagine how much people with 100K+ are earning now, and you might even consider quitting your 9–5. I know a guy who charges $1000 for a single post. What if he does 2 promotions in one month, that's ₹1,50,000 per month, and which company pays you that amount of money to a fresher in India(PS: I’m talking about an average developer and not someone who is working at a big tech startup with millions of dollars in funding).

Monetize your content

Developers can easily be a Techincal writer and it is comparatively an easier job.

I have one person in my life who completely changed my life and he was the one who introduced me to technical writing and I’m so grateful to that guy, and he is like a guardian angel to me. He shares his experience with me and a person like me who is getting into the job sector is curious to know more like this.

I wrote my first technical article (even though I was blogging)and it was kind of not good, but he helped me with how to improve, and what I can do better like that. Later then I got many technical opportunities from many good companies.

I can easily make ₹2,00,000/month but I didn't want just money. I want to improve my knowledge and skill set. I decided to write only 10 blogs/ month or less which helps me make a good amount and I’m happy.

Freelancing or Job?

I wrote an article a few months back and it was a super hit.

I love freelancing, and that's what I’m doing now apart my college. But me being an average developer, have this fear of what if I don't get enough clients in the future.

Right now, I’m not financially stable so I cannot bet on clients, I just want a consistent amount to be credited to my bank account, in order to be in the safe zone.

After that safe zone, I will completely go into freelancing as it is the best option because:

  1. You are not dedicated to only one employer
  2. You can work for as many companies as you want
  3. You can earn more
  4. You can stay at your home
  5. You can build side projects
  6. You get time and space
  7. You are a FREE bird, with no commitments

Perks of a freelancer?

I come from a middle-class family, and my mother takes care of me. My father died when I was in the 4th grade, and money was really a problem for us.

I didn’t have enough money to buy things that I always wanted and I don't take my mother's money to buy stuff for me.

Freelancing helped me to buy almost everything that I wanted.

I bought a new laptop as my old laptop was having i3 processor.

I bought a two-wheeler for my family

I bought every other thing that I wanted, like my mobile, earphones, headphones, watch, and high-speed internet connection (200 mbps, its fast for my use lol).

Final note

You can do it, and don't worry if you are doubting yourself. I did that and still, I do that.

If I was starting all over again, I will go like this

  1. Learn a Skill
  2. Share what I learned on Twitter, Instagram, Youtube
  3. Build useful products that solve my problems
  4. Create a blog (Medium/ hashnode)
  5. DM everyone on Twitter who is someone having interest like me
  6. Promote me everywhere
  7. Learn more stuff

You all will make it for sure

Thanks for reading this, and if this blog helps you, please let me know by tagging me on Twitter or just DM me directly.

Believe me, I’m not that successful guru or that Twitter influencer who helps you make $100K as a React developer, I’m just a struggling, passionate learner and I got lucky somehow and wanted to share that with you:)

PS: I created this blog from my mobile while traveling to college and there might be some mistakes somewhere:)



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