Making money as an average developer is hard right? Atleast not now

Adarsh gupta
5 min readMar 12, 2023

A Great Indian 20-year-old story

I forgot to comb my hair ;)

I’m just like the other 99% of developers who are not in the top 1%. Maybe because I’m too young (20 y/o) or because I’m too lazy.

I strongly believe that right now I’m not a 10X developer who can do almost everything, and I always want to be a 10X developer.

Are you like me?

You have skills like web development and app development and feels like you are not doing your full potential. Welcome to the Club.

Don’t worry, you don't need to be top 1% to bring food to your table. Just be an average developer(not limited to) and start making money to buy your next iPhone :)

Tech is Money

Do you think a recession(likely in 2 years) will wipe out everything? I strongly believe a recession will happen, but you can still be stable if you are in tech.

The world is powered by the internet and applications running on the internet, without these “techies”, everything will fall apart, and no country wants that.

They might get fired if your company is not stable or not putting value. But do you think tech giants like Amazon, Netflix, and Google will collapse? No!



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