Iam a Freelancer and I don't recommend it to anyone

Adarsh gupta
4 min readOct 19, 2022

I made more than $1k in one year as an 18-year-old boy still…

A pic, Iam doing something foolish IDK

I started earning money on my own through freelancing.

But I don’t recommend doing it full-time.

Here are some thoughts that might help you with your career 🧵

The Story

I was broke actually, but yeah, how can a 17-year-old boy earn some 💵?

It was 2020, and then there was a lockdown, thanks to COVID.

First Few weeks, I spend time watching NetFlix (probably everyone)

But after a few days, I got “God’s Call” that I should not waste my time on entertainment purposes.

I started learning Web Development and after 6–7 months of building projects, I have a belief that I can do some good projects for others and earn some money.

The first option was applying for full-time jobs, But how can some company hire a guy who is 18 and has no previous “experience”

Freelancing was the only way for me.

I applied for a number of freelance gigs on Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, etc.

After a few weeks of rejection, I finally got an offer for $10.

I was super happy and told my MOM that I did it(was having a feeling of getting 1 Million Dollars lol)

After that, I managed to get orders of $10, $50, and at max $300.

After that, I was feeling overwhelmed by doing projects for a lower rate and having a hard time.

I was doing the same thing, and there was nothing new.

Creating projects -> Get paid and loop

In the long run, I decided freelancing was not good for me

With this in mind, I decided to take on projects that are beneficial to me. Those included learning something new.

Why don’t I recommend full-time freelancing?

This thought may be different and counterintuitive for you.

But for me, it’s not.

“Be Your Own Boss” is the worst thing that got into my mind about…

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