How to manage College and software development?

  1. Four hours of travel
  2. Classes are great but I can’t follow the lectures as I get distracted(Boring and not interactive )
  3. Attendance has a mark that reflects on the internal mark

1. Read Blogs

I read blogs and articles when I was at college. I bought the medium subscription and I read valuable articles from people.

2. Write blogs

I write blogs and articles when I am at college. I think I cracked the code for how to learn something. Just write a blog on that. I usually brainstorm ideas and write blogs. I have about 20+ drafts in my google docs

3. Learn from Github

I learn about technologies, usually from Github. GitHub is one of the underrated websites to learn about technology. Tip: Search for “awesome <your topic name>” to get an awesome list.

4. Twitter Threads

I write Twitter threads just like this one and share them. Also, I read valuable threads and tweets from my favorite authors.

5. Doing My chores

  • I check my emails.
  • -Create invoices for clients.
  • -Apply for internships/remote jobs
  • -Checks GitHub, Reddit, hashnode, Stocks etc.



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Adarsh gupta

Adarsh gupta


Software Engineer | JavaScript developer | Technical Writer . Work with me?