How to manage College and software development?

Adarsh gupta
2 min readOct 20, 2022

Colleges and universities may waste your valuable time.

College is one of the best places to have the best time of your life. Here are five ways how I utilize my time when I am in college:

Some facts about my college and me

  1. The class starts at 8.50 am and ends at 4.00
  2. Four hours of travel
  3. Classes are great but I can’t follow the lectures as I get distracted(Boring and not interactive )
  4. Attendance has a mark that reflects on the internal mark

1. Read Blogs

I read blogs and articles when I was at college. I bought the medium subscription and I read valuable articles from people.

Some of my favorite publications and writers are

javinpaul, Flavio Copes, Soumadri Banerjee Narendra L etc…

2. Write blogs

I write blogs and articles when I am at college. I think I cracked the code for how to learn something. Just write a blog on that. I usually brainstorm ideas and write blogs. I have about 20+ drafts in my google docs

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3. Learn from Github

I learn about technologies, usually from Github. GitHub is one of the underrated websites to learn about technology. Tip: Search for “awesome <your topic name>” to get an awesome list.

4. Twitter Threads

I write Twitter threads just like this one and share them. Also, I read valuable threads and tweets from my favorite authors.

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5. Doing My chores

  • I check my emails.
  • -Create invoices for clients.
  • -Apply for internships/remote jobs
  • -Checks GitHub, Reddit, hashnode, Stocks etc.

“All these tips are subjected to market risk and I won’t take responsibility for anything “

Try it, Some colleges don’t allow mobile phones inside the campus, but I don’t have any such restrictions. Sometimes they take your phone for using it in class as a punishment.

Thanks for reading this

This blog is just my experience and routine and I don’t force you to do the same... Don’t irritate your teachers, respect them. You need some kind of knack to do all these. Follow @Adarsh____gupta for more insightful threads.



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