Easiest Javascript developer journey


You don't need to be a pro in HTML and CSS. You got stuck somewhere in between check Stackoverflow.Learn CSS absolute/relative flexbox, grid

Here comes our JavaScript

Javascript is simply straightforward.

These topics are just fundamentals for any Javascript learn this or get ready for a bumpy ride!!!

  1. Variables
  2. Operators
  3. class
  4. function
  5. Document Object Model
  6. Browser Object Model
  7. Queryselectors
  8. array
  9. strings
  10. array methods, string methods
  11. Arrow functions
  12. ES6 methods

If you know this much you can clearly say I'm a javascript developer

What Next?

Learn React(preference) or angular or Vue, then learn NodesJS.

Stay tuned for more.



Software Engineer | JavaScript developer | Technical Writer . Work with me? adarshguptaworks@gmail.com Connect with me? twitter.com/adarsh____gupta/

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