Data Structures Simplified

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3 min readNov 26, 2022

Real-Life Examples

As most of you know, data without structure leads you nowhere. In this blog, we will try to compare different data structures with real-world examples.

First of all, What is DataStructure?

A way in which you can store your data so that you can organize, manage, and retrieve it in the most efficient way possible. Now let’s relate it to real-world examples:


How do you arrange your books on the table? You arrange one on top of the other. That’s what exactly stack

The structure looks like this. (Given that you are not messy and take books in random order) You take a book from the top, you add a book to the top.



The array is a stack, but in this case, you will take books in random order.



Have you ever taken a ride on a train? You see each bogey, and it will be attached to two other bogeys on its left and right, right? That’s our very own DoublyLinked List (left most and right most have no left and right bogie respectively)

source Internet


A queue is almost everywhere, from liquor shops to the school bus.

First come, First serve

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Check your family tree. Your grandfather, his sons, and daughters, your cousins. That is the best example you have.

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Social media is the best example that you have. How does Twitter suggest to other people? In simple words, if you follow anyone who follows me, eventually Twitter will recommend me to you.

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Wrapping it up!

Thanks for reaching this far, you are a fantastic reader!

You can relate everything to some other thing, and that can really help you understand the most difficult thing.

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