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Linked List in JavaScript

What is a Data Structure?

In computer science, a data structure is a data organization, management, and storage format that is usually chosen for efficient access to data.

What is Linked List?

🧠 A linked list is a linear collection of data elements whose order is not given by their physical placement in memory.

A node(element in Linked List) has its data and reference to the next item

Let’s Break it Down🤩

What are the types of Linked List?

  1. Singly LinkedList
  2. Doubly Linked List
  3. Circular Linked List

Picture speaks louder than words:👇🏻

What is Node in a Linked List?

A linked List is a collection of connected nodes where the node is something that has the data part as well as the link to the next node.

class Node{

How to implement Linked List?

In a Linked list, mostly what we know is the head node; from the head node, we can get the other remaining nodes. Head node is the first node in a linked list. We can also maintain a tail node in order to make operations faster.

class LinkedList{constructor(){this.head=null;

We have our Node as well as LinkedList Class.

Now let’s begin the actual fun by adding data to our linked list.

Let’s add a new Node to our Empty LinkedList.

Add a single node

✓ This is how you add a single node to LinkedList

✓ Let’s make a function to add a node at the head

Add a new node at the head

While adding a new node, the new Node should point to the current head Node and then the head should point to the new node

class LinkedList{constructor(){this.head=null;
addElementatHead(key) {let node = new Node(key);if (this.head == null) {this.head = node;return;} else { = this.head;this.head = node;}}}

Add a new node at the End Of a Linked List

//inside classaddElemenAtEnd(key) {let node = new Node(key);if (this.head == null) {this.head = node;return;} else {let temp = this.head;while (temp.right !== undefined) {temp = temp.right;}temp.right = node;}

Traverse through Linked List

//inside class linkedlist as a methodtraverse() {let temp = this.head;// console.log(;while (temp?.key != undefined) {console.log(temp.key);temp =;}}

Remove at Head

removeathead(){let temp = this.head;this.head =;temp = null;}

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