5 reasons to use Tailwind CSS

No naming convention:

Having to name classes is one of the most difficult aspects of writing custom CSS. By offering utility-based classes, Tailwind CSS seamlessly resolves those issues.

Highly customizable

Tailwind CSS doesn’t provide you with a class name that represents the entire component; It provides you with a class name that represents a specific style such as height, width,etc. These utility classes can be used to create a component from scratch

Mobile-first strategy

It is simpler to build complex responsive layouts freely thanks to the availability of all kinds of utility classes.


Tailwind CSS uses the same class names repeatedly, so you won’t have to load the same styles repeatedly! This shortens the time it takes for a page to load during the development phase.

Tailwind Community

Since tailwind has a huge community behind it, If you ever get stuck with any issue, you can ask your queries on Stackoverflow or other forums to resolve your issues within a matter of time.



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