5 Big ways you can make money as a developer

Adarsh gupta
1 min readDec 30, 2021


1) youtube

Youtube literally pays you so much if you can build an audience and It is difficult. Gaining 1000 subscribers is an easy task you can buy, promote, etc

but for you to really get paid you do need to put efforts


This is easy, you just have to share your journey, learning, experience as a blog

Companies like Medium will help you earn a part-time income maybe full-time.

3)Micro Service

you provide value to your customers by solving bugs, doing small stuff.

hosting websites, publishing apps like that. you can find your potential client from Fiverr

4) Macro services

you do stuff like creating a website for e-commerce ,restaurant or any other services for people who want that. You can find your potential client from Upwork

5) Teaching

If you are a good speaker then go for teaching. Not everybody understands everything from youtube

You can earn up to $3/hr up to $100/hr

There are many other ways

Building a useful API

Becoming an Influencer in twitter

Building an APP that solves some problems and many more



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